Sweden Tours: DreamPossible! [TM] 2009-17

LifeZone has enjoyed seven great educational-cultural-sports tours to Sweden since Jun 2009. Our growing cooperation with individuals, churches, NGOs and sports organisations are adding tremendous value to the overall development of our youth and also to Swedish youth. We believe that we are engaged in a win-win international collaboration. We are also aiming to establish long-term partnerships with football clubs in Sweden http://www.savarik.se/Nyheter/Egnanyheter/lifezonesoccerisavarfran24junivalkomnaattdelta and The Netherlands. During recent educational exchanges we were treated with tours to Mount Åre (see news clip) near the Norwegian border and enjoyed great friendship with the Vaksala girls’ under-16 team from Stockholm and many other Swedish, Norwegian and international teams! Our recent 2017 tours (Under-12s and Under-17s) were extremely successful with our Boys Under-17s winning the SIFCUP in Sōdertälje, Stockholm (http://sifcup.se/2017,en,wrap=clean/result/club/10520615/info) and making it into the Last 32 at GOTHIA CUP 2017: <iframe src=”https://results.gothiacup.se/2017,wrap=false/widget/team?teamId=12154017″ frameborder=”0″ style=”border: none; overflow: hidden; height: 230px; width: 400px;”></iframe>



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